Sir Spinalot’s Casino Guide

Sir Spinalot

Where do you get the best casino bonus? Or what casino has the best collection of online slots? Sir Spinalot knows. This High Roller has tried nearly all online casinos, and as Sir Spinalot knows that information is useful he gathers this and publish it on this casino guide. By using Sir Spinalot as your casino guide, you will find the best online casino.

Casino Reviews

It is the casino reviews you will find most useful, as these will give you a lot of information about game providers, bonuses, promotions, live casino games, betting, and much more, of each of the casino Sir Spinalot has tested. The casino reviews are updated on regular basis, so you will always get the most accurate picture of the casino you find attractive.

Bonus & Free Spins

Sir Spinalot never turns down a good offer. And, we guess that you don’t either. With loads of online casinos, each and everyone has their own terms and conditions it can be difficult to find the best casino bonus or the best Free Spins. But, Sir Spinalot has an eye for details, so no text written in small letters eludes him. Once Sir Spinalot has fought his way through the never-ending terms and conditions he will add the most important information to the casino reviews. This way you can easily find everything you need to know about wagering requirement, qualified deposit methods, and much more.

Payments & Practical Information

There are a lot of available deposit and withdrawal methods on the online casinos. Every method has its advantages and disadvantages. Some payment methods are very secure, but the withdrawal of winnings takes ages. Others are not available at all casinos. Some even are not qualified for welcome bonuses. Sir Spinalot will help you find the best casino offering your prefered deposit and withdrawal method.

There is also a lot of other things that are good to know about before you make your first deposit at a new online casino. If you prefer to play at night you should use a casino with 24/7 customer support. It is also important to check whether you can give the support at phone call if that is your prefered way of contacting the support at the casino. Read all about this in our reviews in the casino guide.

Slot Reviews

There are numerous game providers, and most of them launch a new online slot every month. For players like you and Sir Spinalot, this is a great advantage, as it gives you the opportunity to try something new. But, there is a jungle out there. It is not easy to find the very best slots on your own, as there are literally 1000’s of online slots available. It would take ages, and a mountain of coins to try them all. In our slot reviews, you can read more about what slot features you will find on the slot. Sir Spinalot will also guide you to the best casino for the given online slot.

Slot Strategy

Is there any slot strategy that will bring you a fortune? No. But there are slot strategies that can give you a better hand when you go spinning at the casino. It is all a question about timing. In our slot reviews you can find information about the average progressive jackpot that can be won, so you can start spinning for the really big win once it reaches this level. There are also a lot of tournaments where you can win additional prices. Participating in these will help you get a better edge against the casino.

Live Games

The most important games at the casino, Roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack. But, that is far from all the live casino games you can find at online casinos. Today there are loads of different variants of the live games, in addition, there are Casino Hold’em, Wheel of Fortune, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, and Caribbean Stud Poker, just to name a few. If you are new to casino these games can be difficult to learn, but with the High Roller Sir Spinalot’s Casino Guide, you should soon be able to play these games like a pro.

Live Casino Strategies

Just as with slots, there are a few tricks that can help you win more when you enjoy live casino games like Baccarat or Blackjack. There are strategies for most live casino games. They might not bring you a fortune when you use them, but they can give you more entertainment when you enjoy classic casino games.

Other Games

There is a lot more to the online casino than just online slots and live casino games. Bingo is an old classic. Lately, online lotteries have gained popularity too. Both these games can give you great excitement, and there might be a jackpot as well? Read more about the different games to find the lottery or Bingo that you find most thrilling, and buy a ticket for a chance to win really big.


Stay on top with Sir Spinalot’s Casino News. There is happening something in the casino world all the time. New slots, new casinos, awesome promotions, and a lot of other fun stuff. Get your updates and get a better gaming experience.

New Slots

We’ve already mentioned that there are new online slots launched every month. There are several great things about these premieres. You can both try a new slot with the latest slot features, fresh design, and thrilling stories. But, the online casinos also often get in the right mood for something extra for their players. That can give you Free Spins or some extra casino bonus. Where? Sir Spinalot will tell you where to be, and when.

New Casinos

Every now and then there’s a new casino in town, and what can be more fun to check that out. Often the new online casinos give you a really warm welcome with No Deposit Bonuses and lots of fun. We will keep you updated, so you can join in on the launch party for the new online casino.

Progressive Jackpots

A good trick when hunting progressive jackpots is playing when the jackpot is worth more than the average payout. Sir Spinalot keeps you updated on what progressive slots that are hot, and which are not. It is also fun to read about the lucky winners. And, you might even find a cool promotion with Free Spins for jackpot slots.

Responsible Gaming

Online gaming can be addictive, and it is important to know what measures you can take to prevent any gambling-related problems. Read about how you can create a safe online gaming environment by using gaming limits. See how breaks can give you room to keep up with friends instead of spending all your time playing online games. Find organizations that can provide you with the needed assistance if you suspect that you, or someone you know, have developed gambling problems. Remember, online casino games are all about fun.